Leave the Thorns Alone
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Leave the Thorns Alone

Leave the Thorns Alone

13 Original Productions
By Tony & Cindy Harriman
UPC: 634479403125
Digital download - $8.95
Audio CD - $14.00
Postpaid in the USA
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An acoustical blend of modern classical Christian folk songs. Each song tells a story; some modern; some ancient. If you like to listen to songs that make you think, then this is an album you'll want to have in your collection. Presented here are 13 originals for your enjoyment.

Tony was born and lived most of his life in England. In his mid-twenties he entered the work of literature ministry, traveling through most of Europe. In recent years he has been inspired to write songs and melodies. In addition to producing this album, Tony sings lead, harmony and plays the guitar.

Cindy was raised in California. She and Tony worked together in Europe before returning to the U.S. to start a family of 3 girls. Cindy assisted with all musical aspects of this album, which include piano and sequencing; Cindy also designed the CD cover and label.

Purchase Singles:
1: Leave the Thorns Alone Preview .75¢
2: I Don't Know Preview .75¢
3: Send a Samaritan Preview .75¢
4: Imagination Preview .75¢
5: God Only Knows Preview .75¢
6: Jamie Preview .75¢
7: Music To My Soul Preview .75¢
8: Mirrors Preview .75¢
9: Can You Hear Me? Preview .75¢
10: Shadows Preview .75¢
11: Never for the Last Time Preview .75¢
12: Somewhere in the Distance Preview .75¢
13: World Called Might've Been Preview .75¢

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