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Steps to Christ

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Up a Tree with Christina Bee
Written and narrated by Tony Harriman

65-minute Audio CD

ISBN: 9780976753353

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65-minute Audiobook on a Single Audio CD in Jewel Case.

This is the first in a series of stories about the adventures of a young Western Honeybee. The stories will appeal first to children under the age of 10, but will also bring to life the spirit of curiosity residing in each one of us—no matter what age we are. So the recommended reading ages are 4-10 and 11-100+; if you fit into one of those categories, this is an audiobook for you.

The world of Christina Bee is a place full of color, joy and endless curiosity. Join her as she explores her busy world. Meet the many beautiful creatures of Cedar Springs Forest, a place not really that far from your own back door.

Penny the chipmunk, Patsy the butterfly, Cabot and Columbus the squirrels and Reggie the fox are just a few of the playful characters that Christina Bee encounters in her fun-filled day.

There are creatures to enjoy, some to be rescued, others need to be understood. And others just need to be watched as they play their way through the day. Come join them; there’s plenty of room, and the day is just beginning.

Written and narrated by Tony Harriman. Tony was born and raised in the south of England; he and his family currently reside in the southeastern United States of America.

The setting for Cedar Springs Forest is central Alabama in the United States, a place of diverse and vibrant terrain, vegetation and wildlife. A backdrop of living sound from Cedar Springs Forest provides rich imagery as you hear of the antics of the colorful creatures that make the Forest their home.

If you have an appreciation for the world in which we live, you will enjoy the rich imagery portrayed in these stories. Step into Cedar Springs Forest for the day; you'll be glad you did, and we hope you'll look forward to coming back.

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